IPAD POS Software

MSPOS Retail & Restaurant is a powerful app designed to support startups of any size.

Key Features

Built specifically for food & service industry, our system is aesthetically designed. No training is required, start taking orders with just a
few taps and orders will be sent to kitchen right away.

Customer Display

Using a secondary iOS device, deliver product price and information to your customer. Obtain customer signature without the need of turning your POS to face customers.

Kitchen Display System

Eliminate paper printing, use your iPad to serve as a kitchen display. View open orders by table or time ordered. Upon completion, notify expedite screen

Table Management

Customise multiple table layout according to your restaurant. Table timers enables staff to turn table more efficiently.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage customer's email, birthday and address. Track their spending and assign different tier of membership discount.

Split Bills

Split bill by item, percentage or number or pax easily. System automatically bring up the previous bill, saving you the hassle to restart the split process again.

Clock In/Out

Track employees clock in and out timing. Pay them according to the hours worked.

Why use MSPOS


As an optional module, MS POS CloudSync gives you the ability to access detailed reports online.

Point of Sale

With continuous development, we be sure to grow together with your business needs.


Equip your servers with mobile terminal, enable them to take order efficiently.

Free Updates

Updating is the key of reliability, and that’s why our clients get free updates .

Online Archive

includes free access to our online archive of all standard business.

More Advantages

Need something more? Then our Premium Subscription is what you are looking for!

  • Starting a new sale

    To start a new sale simply click on New Transaction located at the left top. To start a new dine in transaction, select Table or Table Layout to assign a table.

  • Adding orders to receipt

    Orders will be sent to kitchen after Hold Bill/Send Order, Pay or Checkout is clicked. Orders that are not sent to kitchen will not be registered in the transaction.

  • Closing a sale

    The simplest and fastest way to close a sale is to click on the Checkout button. It will prompt you to close the bill with the exact amount and default payment type.

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